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E-cigarettes and other vaping devices are NOT risk-free. While they generally do not contain tobacco and are therefore, in some ways, considered less harmful than smoking cigarettes, a growing body of research indicates that they may lead to negative health consequences, especially among youth.

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CDC on EVALI illnesses

Vaping News, Policy and Resources

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Quit for Covid
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Webinars and Education Resources.

Vaping presents a serious threat to the health of our youth and young adults, with heightened concerns due to possible increased exposure to COVID-19 risks among vapers and smokers.

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Comprehensive Vaping Education
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Help Quitting

Nicotine is highly addictive and quitting will take a lot of love and support to help your loved one stop.

Comprehensive Quit Resources
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Youth Nicotine Replacement Therapy Guidelines for Teens

Parents’ Guides: Talking With Your Teen

After you understand vaping basics, the following information guides you in the art of conversation with your child.

Parents’ Vaping Guide
Parents’ Tip Guide
The Vape Talk
Video: Vape devices hiding in plain sight

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“Vaping, The Hit Your Brain Takes” Video
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