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Vaping Education Webinars.

Vape Free. Breathe Free.

Got 15 minutes? These informative but engaging webinars are a ‘must-watch’ with your child, your family or your students!

Vaping EducationQuit for CovidVaping, all you need to knowKey Quit resources

Co-presented by Dr. Heather Athanasiou and her daughter, Maddie, (2018/2019 Ridge HS student body president and current college sophomore), these 5 mini webinars can be used as class modules by teachers or viewed at home. Webinars 1-4 are 12 minutes in length; Webinar 5 is 25 minutes in length.  Sources for the webinar content include NJPN’s “Don’t Get Vaped In,” Dr. Melissa Tassé, Partnership for Drug Free Kids, CDC, FDA, Surgeon General, Truth Initiative and others.

Also included is a shortened 20 minute video geared towards middle school students.

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Middle School Vaping Presentation


  • What you need to know about vaping.
  • Impact on the adolescent brain.
  • Risks of vaping and marijuana.
  • Quit resources.

Covid-19 and vaping/smoking... the perfect storm?


  • Vaping & smoking may increase risk for infection and more serious outcomes due to Covid-19.
  • EVALI: Vaping may cause inflammation to the lungs.
  • These potentially higher risks may be similar to risks that threaten seniors and individuals with chronic health issues.

The teen brain and addiction.


  • Why the teen brain is more susceptible to nicotine addiction.
  • Nicotine is just as addictive as heroin.
  • Nicotine use can set up the brain for addiction to harder drugs later in life.

The target on your back.


  • How ‘Big Tobacco’ and companies like Juul specifically targeted kids.
  • Vaping is creating the next generation of smokers.

Why many teens are ditching Juul (and other brands) and speaking up about their experiences.


  • The negative effect on academic and athletic performance and motivation.
  • Paying the price – literally. Vaping burns a hole in your pocket every year to the order of $1,500-$4,000.
  • This fad will fade. Most students do not vape.

Three great resources to start your Quit.


  • COVID-19 – yet another great reason to quit.
  • Why now might just be the perfect time.
  • An overview of 3 great quit resources (website, text support, app).
  • Millions have already quit. You’ve got this!
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Prevention and Early Action
Workshops and Training
Recovery Support