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Connected Community VolunteersVolunteer Opportunities

Community in Crisis depends on the time and talent of wonderful volunteers to support them on a project-by-project basis or on an ongoing basis.

Skillsets and interests are matched with the volunteer work involved. Middle and high school volunteers can reach out to Maria, to learn more about opportunities available; volunteer hours can count towards community service.

Volunteers aged 18 and up are welcome to apply by emailing Sarah,; hours can count towards community service, where applicable. We are always thrilled to hear from you!

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Community in Crisis depends on the time and talent of wonderful volunteers to support them on a project-by-project basis or on an ongoing basis.

Introducing our 1st group of OCC Volunteers! We don’t want to brag, but they’re pretty amazing. Thank you all for coming out to be a part of Orientation.

Our new team of recovery advocates help bring sincere change and accessibility to the people in our community, all while having a bit of fun doing it.


If you are interested in joining the Our Connected Community Volunteer family, register with the link and we will send you all you need to know to get started.

Here are just a sampling of the areas where you can allow your skills and talents to shine.
cic diversity committee

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

You will help lead advocacy efforts for diversity, equity and inclusion helping to ensure that cultural competency is evident on all levels of our services. We want to improve our access by offering bilingual meetings, translated recovery materials, programs and events.  Together we can support and celebrate the diverse voices of everyone in the community! Help us create an environment that is inclusive of all. #diversityisbeautiful.

cic social media committee

Social Media

Want to gain valuable skills in a booming industry?  Come build a portfolio as a CIC volunteer!   We are looking for volunteers who enjoy creating content and are #goaloriented.  Why not use your creativity and lived experience to spread the message of recovery!  We welcome all types of creatives, including those just beginning to learn all the way to experienced Podcast hosts.  If you love doing TikTok dances and your photo of avocado toast is trending, we’d love to have you share your social media skills with CIC. #recoveryistrending #podcastrecovery

cic prevention volunteer

Prevention Volunteers

You know your kids. We know drug and alcohol prevention. Let’s team up. Give a little time and gain a lot of good. Volunteer with other parents and teens to help with our new programs and events. Together let’s change the culture of substance use in our community. For more information, contact Maria:

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If arts and DIYs make up your entire Pinterest board, we could use your creativity at CIC. Help us create monthly art events or lend your talents to programs such as pop-up painting workshops, jewelry making, photography or any other creative endeavor you’d like to share with the recovery community.  If leading a class isn’t your thing, we can always use an artistic touch for our fundraising events and goody bags.  No craft is too small! If you love creating and exploring all types of media, come volunteer for the arts crafts, and creativity. #expressyourself #DIYrecovery

cic music committee


Can you hear that?  That’s the sound of music filling up the rooms at CIC. We are looking for volunteers to help plan monthly music events.  And if you can sing, dance, or play an instrument we would love to showcase your talent to help others in recovery with the healing power of music.  From volunteering your time to run music workshops, DJing at one of our events, even co-hosting at sober karaoke there are a thousand and one ways give back to the recovery community through sound. Come bring your instrument and talent to our musical gathering. CIC #soundslikeagoodtime

cic horticulture committee


Do you have a green thumb and enjoy being outside?  Consider getting involved with our horticulture programs and events. Whether it’s knowledge you possess of plants or simply enjoy getting your hands dirty, there is a place for you here. Get creative in nature with opportunities that can include organizing a community garden, making flower arrangements, or general upkeep of the CIC garden.   Did you know that research has found gardening and getting your hands in the soil releases serotonin naturally? We think that’s pretty cool. Be a part of the growth at CIC and join our horticulture team. #recoveryinbloom

cic outreach committee


Do you enjoy connecting with others and promoting positivity? Come join our outreach and bring a voice to our community! Volunteers help us to go out into the community to develop relationships with local businesses, distribute materials and help break the stigma around addiction and substance use.  Be a part of change and help your community grow. #stigmafree #spreadtheword

cic preservation committee

Premise Preservation

Be a part of CIC in all the ways that count! We are looking for volunteers who are great at fixing things and want to help the Hub stay up and running. If you are interested in lending your skills to repairs, special projects and organizational tasks sign up for our Premise Preservation projects! #givingback

cic admin committee

Administrative Support

CIC has opportunities in administrative support! Do you enjoy providing great service and directing people to the right help? We are looking for volunteers who can assist the recovery support team! Volunteers will help with day to day tasks such as answering phones, organizing literature, clerical and fill-in duties.  Gain experience and build your resume! #excelyourskills

cic events committee

Events Committee

Want to be a part of future CIC events?  We are looking for dedicated volunteers who want to participate in our efforts to raise funds and put on memorable events!  If you want a great way to give back, the Events Committee is for you.  We are seeking volunteers who can assist with setting up, helping things run smoothly and break down. Also, participating in the fun!  If you have an eye for detail and want to become more involved with the recovery community, come join our Events committee #getwhatyougive

cic health fitness committee

Health Fitness and Wellness (HFW)

We believe a healthy body supports a healthy mind.  Skating aimlessly through recovery is no way to live, unless it’s on two blades with a stick. Come get in the game and help us design programs and events that allow those in recovery to connect with their physical health. The full picture of physical health isn’t just being active; it also includes making healthy choices when it comes to eating, sleeping and being mindful. So whether it’s yoga, rock climbing or cooking skills you possess, why not come share your ideas and talents with a community full of support! #allstars #teamCIC

Prevention and Early Action
Workshops and Training
Recovery Support