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Community in Crisis Vaping Toolkit

Create a Vaping Table Display or Classroom Kit

Choose and print materials to create your own interactive display. Parents and students readily engage when they see the devices, giving you an opportunity to make a few key points about vaping.

We used these printed materials, along with an assortment of vaping devices, to create our display table. Our local police department and school resource officers helped to collect vaping devices; you may also contact device manufacturers like Juul directly for inactive/sample devices. Teachers and custodial staff may also be good resources for confiscated devices and used pods. Clean them thoroughly and wear gloves, since nicotine can be absorbed through the skin.

The display table has been excellent at Back To School nights, in the lobby before and after parent education programs on drugs/alcohol, at student wellness fairs, for staff training, etc. Adults gain key knowledge and more confidence in discussing vaping with their kids. You can make a smaller version to keep on campus for classroom discussions.

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