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I’d like to tell you the story of Alyssa, a woman in early recovery who came to an All Recovery meeting that Community in Crisis was hosting on Zoom. It was March 27, literally ten days after the state went into shelter in place and ten days after we had started our first series of virtual All Recovery meetings. Alyssa had 54 days and was looking for a safe place to support her recovery. She became a regular, participating member, sharing not only her story and experience but also sharing with the group her talents as a meditation facilitator.


Recognizing the importance of service to others in recovery we asked Alyssa to help co-facilitate the meeting with a person in long term recovery. Alyssa accepted and has been leading the meeting with enthusiasm ever since. She has made sure that the virtual door to our online meeting has remained open on a daily basis to welcome those seeking or sustaining recovery from any addiction. It was with great joy that her co-facilitator and I were able to “conspire” to send and surprise Alyssa with a pin to commemorate her 90 days of continuous sobriety. She was overjoyed that we had thought of her and that, even though we were physically distant, she could feel so socially connected to us.

Alyssa has continued to build on that milestone, passing four months of recovery and continuing to attend, lead and contribute on a daily basis to the All Recovery group so that others may have a safe place for their recovery journey during these uncertain times. Sharing her story with others who are very close to her on their recovery path has helped them to take the steps they need to change their lives.