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On January 12, 2015 at 7:00PM, the Community in Crisis task force will host a town hall meeting at Dolce, 300 North Maple Avenue, Basking Ridge NJ. All are welcome and encouraged to attend and learn of the progress made during 2014 to address the prescription pill and heroin/opiate epidemic in Somerset Hills and of the plans and goals for 2015.

Community in Crisis is a coalition of community agencies, organizations, schools, churches and concerned citizens that is made up of seven working groups. Each of the working groups is charged with an action plan that has been designed based on the evidence-based NJ Governor’s 2014 report, “Confronting New Jersey’s NEW Drug Problem: A Strategic Action Plan to Address a Burgeoning Heroin/Opiate Epidemic Among Adolescents and Young Adults.”

Coordinator Jody D’Agostini said, “I am so proud of the work that has been achieved thus far in many of our areas of focus. From law enforcement, to public policy, to family education, to physician outreach and more – progress has been made. What began as an overwhelming task suddenly became clear and defined thanks to the NJ Governor’s report and the amazing spirit of collaboration that this community has demonstrated. This sends a loud and clear message that we are in this together, that real change can be effected when you band together, and that we are united – all of us, regardless of background, political agenda or religious affiliation – in our commitment to save precious lives. We are particularly grateful to Dolce for supporting our efforts and hosting the town hall meeting at their location.”

David Carcieri, President and CEO of the Somerset Hills YMCA, added, “One of the many remarkable aspects of this initiative is that other communities across NJ are keeping a close eye on the work and progress of Community in Crisis hoping that they, too, will be able to replicate its efforts. This epidemic knows no socioeconomic boundaries – it is in every neighborhood across the state of New Jersey and it is growing. The responsibility lies with us all to provide resources and information for families to take steps to prevent substance use disorder in their home.”