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Parenting for Healthy Adolescents

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We offer help for parents in navigating the pre-teen and teen years and discouraging drug and alcohol experimentation.

Community in Crisis | Prevention - Parenting Adolescents

It’s Never Too Early To Talk To Your Child About Substance Use.

Use Everyday Moments To Get the Conversation Started.

Encourage your child to share by asking open ended questions and listen with non-judgmental curiosity. Casual chats, like at dinner or in the car, can lead to sharing values on substance use.

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Start the conversation.

Parent is a Verb

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Parent Infographic

It's OK not to feel OK. Help is a call or text away.

When a child is struggling, the whole family is affected. It can be difficult to know where to turn for guidance and support. Asking for help can be hard… finding help doesn’t have to be.

2ND FLOOR YOUTH HELP LINE: Call/text (888) 222-2228 to speak with counselors 24/7



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Concerned About Your Child?

Dr. Michael Bradley Presentations

Dr Michael Bradley, highly regarded author and adolescent clinical psychologist, has presented to hundreds of Somerset Hills NJ parents concerning the importance of building resiliency and coping skills to deal with setbacks and stress in adolescence. He also emphasized the high risk of addiction in later life given early initiation of alcohol and drug use. Here are some clips and handouts from his excellent presentations.

Community in Crisis | Prevention - Dr. Michael Bradley

Parent-to-Parent Groups

“Coffee and Conversation” sessions and a Parenting Book Club provide opportunities for peer support and for informal, small group discussions and exchange of ideas.

Community in Crisis | Prevention - Parenting - Book Club
Community in Crisis | Prevention - Parenting - Book Club

Handling Drug-Related Issues with your Child

If you are interested in discouraging your child from experimenting with drugs and alcohol, visit Partnership for Drug Free Kids for many resources, including how to talk to your teen and other topics related to youth substance misuse.

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Prevention and Early Action
Workshops and Training
Recovery Support