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Community in Crisis | The Community Hub

Fostering Safer Communities.

Empowering Parents and Youth Through Prevention Events and Programs

Prevention events and programs for parents and youth.

Building Stronger Futures.

Building stronger futures hinges upon the proactive implementation of substance prevention programs tailored for both adults and youth. These programs play a pivotal role in equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and support networks necessary to make informed decisions and resist the allure of substance abuse. By fostering open communication, imparting coping mechanisms, and promoting a sense of belonging within the community, these initiatives lay the foundation for informed decisions.

Volunteer for CIC

Community in Crisis depends on the time and talent of wonderful volunteers to support them on a project by project basis or on an ongoing basis.

Skillsets and interests are matched with the volunteer work involved. All volunteer hours can count towards community service. Volunteers from middle school and up are welcome to apply to volunteer with Community in Crisis by emailing We are always thrilled to hear from you!

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Any Covid-19 guidelines in effect will be adhered to. Please contact Ken Musgrove for questions/additional information:

Prevention and Early Action
Workshops and Training
Recovery Support