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Diners Demos Donations

Tune in from your armchair…

Diners, Demos and Donations

Thursday, October 1 at 7pm. Live stream starts at 6:45 pm.

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A foodie philanthropist's dream come true... all in 40 minutes!

Join Guy Fieri*, Ricky Gervais*, and our celebrity chef, Ashton Keefe, as they delight us with humor, stories and a delicious cooking demo! 

On Thursday, October 1 at 7pm, take a break from your Covid Comatose and tune in for 40 minutes of laughter, memorable stories and some feel-good giving. All you need is an iPhone, iPad, or laptop. Log on to CIC’s Facebook page (, sit back with your favorite drink, and escape to Triple D World for Diners, Demos and Donations!

Diners, Demos and Donations is our only fundraiser of the year and, this year, we’ve taken it virtual! In lieu of hosting a big in-person event, selling tickets or asking for donations in person, we’re cutting costs, keeping people safe and funneling as much money toward our cause as possible. Please consider making a donation. All money will go to supporting our mission without the usual costs associated with planning an in-person event. We’re thankful for your support during these extraordinary times. This year already has seen a huge uptick in overdose mortality attributed to the isolation and anxiety brought on by the Coronavirus. Some counties in NJ are witnessing a >80% increase in fatal overdoses. It’s a pandemic inside a pandemic.

We rely on our friends, community partners and businesses to show their support by attending our virtual event, investing in a sponsorship and making a donation. Sponsors will enjoy exposure to thousands of people who tune in and will be featured in our beautiful virtual FlipBook.

Please help us help others. Your gift means the world to us and to others in need.

*professional lookalikes





Surprise Guests, Fine Gastronomy & Special Giveaways

Guess what, people? You can have fun.

CiC is taking you to Flavortown.

Guess what, people? You can have fun.

CiC is taking you to Flavortown.

Ashton Keefe

Ashton Keefe is a chef and culinary stylist. With a focus on beautiful and seasonal food, she encourages her generation to embrace the practice of everyday cooking and celebrations. AK’s bubbly and convivial nature mirrors her overarching and founding belief that food is an act of love and an opportunity for beauty.

After receiving recognition in The New York Times, Martha Stewart and Food & Wine Magazine for her role as a founding chef at New York City’s Haven’s Kitchen, Ashton went on to become an integral partner and colleague for brands and public figures such as Tom Colicchio, Giada DeLaurentiis, Whispering Angel, Fab Fit Fun and Instagram by creating content and executing events.

She regularly appears on NBC’s Today Show, CBS and CNN.

Instagram @ashtonkeefe


Jody D’Agostini

When we began back in 2014 to try and turn the tide on this opioid epidemic, I prayed for guidance and support to help us in our work. I thought that if we could save just one life, it would all be worthwhile. Six years later, from plans around a kitchen table to now operating out of our own home thanks to a gift from the Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust, we have come a long way, and it’s all thanks to the extremely hard work and generous support of our volunteers and donors. I am humbled by their faith and belief in us. We are determined and poised to help the many people who will need our programs and resources like never before as we come out the other side of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thank you for helping us help them.

Jody D'Agostini

Andi Williams

Johann Hari,  author of the New York Times best-selling book Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs says ‘The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.’ We see the truth in his words every day and so, when Covid-19 descended upon us, our first priority was to reach out to our program participants and offer them as many virtual meetings and programs as possible to help them stay connected. It’s kept us awake at night and has forced us to get creative, be bold, and stay flexible as we tried new ideas and workarounds. It’s been quite a journey but we have seen a silver lining to this very dark cloud. Our online attendance has grown exponentially having no geographic confines, our offerings have increased and diversified, and beautiful partnerships have blossomed. However, these triumphs are overshadowed by the growing dread of the impact of this pandemic on our youth, families and individuals in recovery. The mental health and well-being of our kids and families are in jeopardy as they face anxiety, disenfranchisement, and loneliness, and relapse and drug overdose rates have already skyrocketed this year. We have much work to do. We need your support more than ever before. Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion.

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